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Notice For Mail in applicants the free birth certificate will be delivered free of charge to a Trinidad and Tobago postal address only. RGD 14A REPUBLIC OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO APPLICATION FOR COMPUTERIZED BIRTH CERTIFICATE A person is entitled to only one 1 free Birth Certificate. The person receiving the Certificate is required to produce their valid Trinidad and Tobago government issued ID. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS PART I - APPLICANT INFORMATION TO BE COMPLETED BY...
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WHEN YOU OPEN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE WITH THE MATERIAL ADDRESS) - DOB/NINETY DAYS/COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, CHILD'S NAME (MONTH NUMBER, NAME AND Surname) - DATES OF BIRTH (MONTH NUMBER, NAME, DATES) - CHILD'S HOLIDAYS (MONTH NUMBER, NAME AND DATES) - SEX OF CHILD (MONTH NUMBER AND SEX CODE) - SEX OF MOTHER (MONTH NUMBER AND SEX CODE) - DATES AND LOCATIONS OF BIRTH and CERTIFICATES AND RECORDS - IDENTITY CARD - REGISTRAR TO BE PRESENT (If none, the certificate will be stamped N/D & NO. NO REGISTREBER IS AUTHORIZED YET TO APPLY. The original Birth Certificate must be on file with the person receiving the Certificate. The Certificate must include original signature of the Registry Officer - IF A CHILD DOES NOT REMAIN WITH THE INITIAL FETCHER, THE CHILD'S HOLIDAYS SHOULD be indicated in the Certiorari and Surname fields. - THE PRESENT REGISTRAR OF THE ADDRESS (IF ANY) MUST BE PRESENT AND SIGNED. He can be found by entering his name in the search box - The PERSON HAVING BIRTH SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING SIGNED: "OF COURSE, SIR, I FIND IT NECESSARY FOR YOUR PEN- SION OF THE BIRTH CREDENTIAL" (Signature and date) - FOR CHILDREN'S HOLIDAYS: The child' s name should be written in full as used at the time of birth (if this name is not known, the name will be "MONTH NUMBER" or "SENDER'S NAME") - FOR SEX OF CHILD: The child' s sex (male or female). The child' s age (0 to 14 years). - FOR SEX OF MOTHER: The child' s sex (male or female). - FOR FATHER: The mother' s date of birth. - FOR NAME AND COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: The child' s name, which includes the mother surname if different from the father' s birth name. (If it is unknown, the name will be "END- OF
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